Jerónimos Monastery

Its façade stretches more than 300 meters...

Jerónimos Monastery

This 16th century Portuguese architecture masterpiece is classified as a national monument and  inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. It is located in one of the most qualified areas of Lisbon, in a historical and monumental setting – along the river Tagus. It is also where the Belém Tower and the Discoveries Monument have a strong presence.

It was commissioned by the King D. Manuel I, shortly after Vasco da Gama returned from his trip to India. It was largely financed  by the profits from the spice trade. Its decorative elements are full of symbols of the art of navigation, of exotic plants and animal sculptures. Jerónimos Monastery has always been linked to the Portuguese Royal House. The forces of the Order and its connection to Spain, the intellectual work of its monks, the inevitable connection to the epic of the Discoveries and, even, its geographical location, have made it one of the symbols of the nation.


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