Our captains

The qualified and experienced skippers who are part of the Lisbon Sight Sailing team, are genuinely friendly and focused on the well-being and safety of our customers.

They are originally from Lisbon, thus, ensuring the delivery of a local flavour and are truly passionate about our city and the charms of the Tagus.


  • skiper-nuno

    Nuno is an excellent sailing instructor. He is also an entrepreneur and an engineering student. From his numerous navigation experiences, the most remarkable one was sailing between La Rochelle and Lisbon in 2011.

  • skiper-antonio

    Antonio knows better than anyone the tides and the secrets of the Tagus. When the wind blows from the South nobody overtakes him. He has the coastal skipper license and is a certified diver. He has been practicing horse riding since he was a kid.

  • skiper-joana

    Joana is passionate about the sea and the preservation of the environment. She has been practicing sailing for more than 20 years and has left her job, in a factory, to live her dream. Take all Lisbon visitors, who loves sailing or are just curious, to get to know it in a sustainable way and from a unique perspective.


  • skiper-luis

    Luís has been sailing for more than 18 years, both for racing and leisure. He discovered that it was a good idea to create this business and help fulfill the dreams of all who aspire to live unforgettable experiences.

  • skiper-rui

    Rui is a civil engineer, a true fan of sailing. He loves traveling and meeting new people. He has been in the four corners of the globe… As soon as he feels the wind on his face, he is sure to smile.

  • skiper-david

    David teaches languages and music. He loves to meet people from other countries and cultures. And if it happens while the wind blows and the boat glides over the water… its perfect!

We will be happy to enjoy this experience with you.