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  • Corporate event in Lisbon

    A Successful Alliance

    Business event in Lisbon In the context of the Annual Global Membership Conference of Employment Law Alliance,  a group of 40 guests from different countries had the opportunity to participate on an classic sailboat, and enjoy the city of Lisbon during the unforgettable October sunset. During the tour a cocktail and buffet dinner were served [...]
  • Logo Spotify. Boat event in Lisbon

    A sailing tour powered by Spotify

    A boat event in Lisbon, well paced This time we had the opportunity to provide the Spotify team with an unforgettable experience on the Tagus River. It was a boat event in Lisbon where guests from three continents gathered. The group of participants, workers at Spotify from countries such as the United States, Costa Rica, […]

  • Bachelorette parties in Lisbon

    The best bachelorette parties in Lisbon

    They are charming, discreet and unforgettable We are referring to the best bachelorette parties in Lisbon. These are just a few comments we hear or read about the parties we host. Others will say that they are personalized, unique and unforgettable parties. For sure, one of the best things to do in Lisbon during a […]

  • Pre-wedding event

    The “pre-wedding” event

    The “pre-wedding” event in Lisbon More and more foreigners choose our beautiful Country, and in particular, the city of Lisbon for their “travel wedding”. So, we recently had the opportunity to organize a “pre-wedding” event! And what is this? There will be some of you asking … it’s the perfect opportunity to gather all the […]