Party & Sail

River, sea and lots of fun

  • River, sea and lots of fun!


  • Perfect scenery for parties and events with family and friends.


  • An unforgettable experience will be provided by our crew, of a skipper and a steward.


Private boat party

An exclusive party on a boat? That´s it! Party & Sail offers an extremely pleasant, fun and relaxing day.

Specially conceived for groups, this is the ideal setting for parties and special events (up to 10 people). Thus, from birthday parties to hen parties , all are reasons to toast with friends or family. Music, sunbathing, swimming, onboard menu …. All this at a private party on a sailboat!

River, sea and lots of fun!

While sailing along the coast, you can spot and enjoy spectacular land and seascapes of Tagus estuary, where the river meets the ocean and surrounds Bugio´s lighthouse.

This comfortable sailing boat is anchored in the Estoril Coast beaches, where you can keep enjoying your sunbathe while listening to music. Furthermore, you can refresh yourselves and dive in the Atlantic waters.

In addition to our experienced skipper, the crew includes a steward and both will look after you and assure an unforgettable day, providing snacks, fruits and drinks at your discretion.

Your way back to Lisbon will allow you to enjoy the rest of this excellent experience.

During this tour, you can still get the most of the following points of interest: Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Torre de Belém, Fundação Champalimaud, Torre VTS, Farol do Bugio, Fortaleza de São Julião, Costa da Caparica, Paço de Arcos, Marina de Oeiras and Praia da Torre.


Private party & sailing tour, from six till ten persons.

[Duration] 4:00 hours.

[Crew] consisting of a skipper and a steward, who look after the well-being of the guests during the tour and provide information on points of interest. We speak English, falamos Português, hablamos Español!

[Menu on board] snacks, fruits and drinks are included, so that everything is perfect.

[Diploma] After enjoying your great experience onboard, we make sure that you receive a Lisbon Sight Sailing navigator certificate, to add to your portfolio of unforgettable moments for many years.

[Wi-Fi & Music] Wireless internet connection and music available during the all experience.

[Insurance and taxes] according to Portuguese legislation.

[Extra services]