Sailors’ knots

The Art of the Sailor

The Art of the Sailor who many only know as an artistic expression, is first and foremost, a set of solutions with cables that are frequently used onboard to solve the problems we face. Among the many known and used knots, we will show you perhaps the most important and most useful ones.

  • no-lacada


    This is effectively the simplest knot and is often the first step for more complex knots. When made at the rope end it serves as temporary grip and can also be used to prevent the cable from unreeving through an eye or a block. The loop can be simple (top figure) or folded (figure below).

  • no-azelha

    Overhand loop knot

    It is performed as if it were a slipknot at the centre of a cable and serves to provisionally adjust a cable, to any length. The figure shows this knot before it is «tightened».

  • no-lais-guia-singelo

    Bowline knot

    Similar to the Sheet Bend Knot, the Bowline Knot  is one of the most used knots onboard. It is tied at the end of a mooring rope at the bollard at the fore section of vessels, when these have to be towed. There are several types of Bowline Knots, this is the most common one.


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