Team Building Regatta. An out of class activity ;-)

  1. Team Building Regatta

Because the end of classes is always a great motive to celebrate …

Last May 25th we had the pleasure of organizing a Team Building regatta. This time with a group of young finalists from a North American school. It was an event in the Tagus that happened on the eve of their departure towards their countries of origin.

The sailing boats were manouvered by students of such diverse nationalities as Australia, Canada, the United States, Ghana, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand. The students were escorted on each boat by two members of the Lisbon Sight Sailing team. Participants received an initial briefing related to sailing techniques and safety measures on board.

Subsequently followed a period of training and habituation to the tasks to execute on board during the competition. And in an instant the starting signal was given … and the race started!

… a team building regatta is the best option!

The weather conditions were ideal for this initiative. Lisbon’s sun and the regular winds, of approximately 14 knots, allowed us to to experience the regatta in an extremely fun and sufficiently competitive atmosphere.

At the end of the regatta, and after the results and positions announcement, diplomas of participation were given to all the elements, seizing this moment to make a toast to the winners. It was nice to see the teachers and students together, with an expressive complicity and fun. Without a doubt, another event of success and with a win-win relation.

All the logistics of this Team Building event was prepared five months in advance. All the event’s planning required special attention and a high level of customization. In fact, it’s something we’re used to doing. And that’s why we get involved in each event in a professional and personalized way. Above all, what we wish to know are the expectations and goals to achieve with this type of initiatives. That’s why we always ask for the customers’ availability to brief us about all the details. Final result: when the big day arrives, everything happens as desired.

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