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“For the traveller who comes in from the sea, Lisbon, even from afar (the city), rises like a fair vision in a dream, clear-cut against a bright blue sky which the sun gladdens with its gold.

And the domes, the monuments, the old castle jut up above the mass of houses, like far-off heralds of this delightful seat, of this blessed region.”

PESSOA, Fernando – What the Tourist Should See


Lisbon, where it all began!

  • We invite you to discover a unique perspective of Lisbon, to sail on the Tagus River, to discover and explore the attractions of the City of The Seven Hills.

    Dare to live an unforgettable experience in an unparalleled space and environment.

    Lisbon is characterized for its beauty and for its historic maritime past. For its climate and luminosity. For its people and ways of life, for its geography and architecture and for its landscapes and views. It lives anchored in a port that was one of the busiest in Europe during the medieval times. This was the starting point for the Portuguese explorers at the time of the Discoveries.

    These days, the relationship between Lisbon and the Tagus is increasingly intimate, thanks to major improvements carried out at the riverfront.

  • It is the largest river of the Iberian Peninsula and it’s in Lisbon where he meets the Atlantic Ocean. The Tagus estuary is also where the sails meets the wind and the perfect scenario for this show.

    Come and enjoy with us the discovery of the banks of the Tagus. Indulge yourself in a relaxing experience, in sailing boats designed to satisfy you with convenience, comfort and safety.

    You can choose and easily book any of our tour suggestions. And if you are seeking for something different we will be happy to prepare an experience tailored to suit your personal needs.

    Whatever option you choose, fun, leisure and glamour are always included.

Discover the other side of Lisbon.