25 April Bridge

It crosses the narrowest part of the Tagus estuary

25 April Bridge

25 April Bridge

The Bottleneck of the Tagus is the name given to the narrowest part of the Tagus estuary. It is also the location of the bridge that connects the cities of Lisbon to Almada, situated on the south bank.

Sometimes named as the “Portuguese Golden Gate Bridge” because of its similarities with the suspension bridge of San Francisco (USA).

It was originally known as Ponte Salazar in honor of the President of the Council of Ministers of the time (even though its legal name has remained Tagus Bridge).  Soon after the revolution of April 1974, its name was changed to 25 April Bridge.

The impressiveness of this bridge with a total length of about 2,280 m – is clearly expressed by two facts. At the time of its inauguration in August 6, 1966, it was the fifth largest suspension bridge in the world and the largest one outside the United States. After fifty years it remains in the group of the 20 largest suspension bridges in the world.

When you pass underneath this magnificent suspension bridge you can hear the noise of the cars and trains that circulate on the bridge deck, 70 meters above the river. It is absolutely impressive.

On the 27th of September 2017, it was inaugurated the Pilar 7 Experience. Without any doubt, the second best view of Lisbon. Come and find the first one with us!


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