River Tagus: the meeting point for a corporate event

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Because being in person is essential to create long lasting bonds …

We took a team from a communication company that works physically in the four corners of the world. It’s a decentralized organization but interconnected through technologies. That’s why all other encounters are done digitally and remotely. This means that, most people meet face to face two to three times a year.

This was one of those rare occasions when they did what they don’t do for the rest of the year. It even allowed them to sit on the “floor” and played to “to whom belongs the last custard”! In the end they were happy and with a true “taste of Lisbon” in every senses.

The best place to hold business events in Lisbon

Lisbon has been increasingly recognized as an excellent city to host business events. It is the main stage for big events. At the same time, the Tagus River is the scenario of choice. And our boats are the ideal place to live unforgettable moments.

As an example, in this year of 2018, Lisbon will have several tens of thousands of visitors who will participate in both the Eurovision Festival and the Websummit. But it’s not just mega events happening in Lisbon. In addition to these large ones there are many smaller ones … and they also choose the Portuguese capital as the setting for their initiatives.

Our solutions for corporate events

We have an area dedicated to solutions for corporate events on the river Tagus, which offers a set of professional options for companies. Our experience in the development of this type of activity in different types of boats allows us to guarantee in the end everyone’s satisfaction. And also for this reason we are chosen with increasing frequency to carry out this type of initiatives.

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