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Lisbon is characterized for its beauty and for its historic maritime past. For its climate and luminosity. For its people and ways of life, for its geography and architecture and for its landscapes and views.
Belém Tower
Belém Tower

The Belém Tower, built at the narrowest point of the Tagus estuary, was intended to defend Lisbon.

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View of the Alfama neighborhood from the Tagus river

Alfama is a very peculiar neighborhood as it resembles an old village. The neighborhood is frequented daily by Portuguese and…

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MAAT visto desde o rio Tejo
MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

An innovative project that brings together a new building, designed by the architect Amanda Levete’s studio, and the Central Tejo,…

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View from the river towards the Hill of São Jorge
Castle of São Jorge

It rises in a dominant position on a high hill in the historic center, offering visitors one of the most…

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Towers of Lisbon Cathedral seen from the Tagus
Lisbon Cathedral

The Lisbon Cathedral is located in the Alfama district. Its construction began in the second half of the 12th century,…

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Central Tejo at dusk, fully illuminated
Central Tejo

Close to the MAAT is the old Lisbon Electric Power Station, nowadays better known as the Electricity Museum or Central…

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Front view of the South and Southeast River Station building
South and Southeast River Station

The South and Southeast River Station is an important historical and cultural landmark in Lisbon, offering a variety of transport,…

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Ribeira das Naus seen from the Tagus River
Ribeira das Naus

It is a unique balcony over the Tagus, in a contemporary and attractive public space, a real river beach in…

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Cais do Sodré seen from the Tagus River and a sailboat with red sails
Cais do Sodré

Cais do Sodré is one of the most historic and iconic places in the city. With its privileged location in…

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Champalimaud Foundation seen from the Tagus River
Champalimaud Foundation

Discover one of the most futuristic and impressive buildings in Lisbon. Facing the river, it takes on the contours of…

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Garden with a cliff in the background and panoramic elevator seen from the Tagus River
River Garden

Between the cliff of Almada and the Tagus River, River Garden is a spacious and refreshing space, ideal for a…

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Bugio lighthouse in the distance, in the middle of the sea
Bugio Lighthouse

The Fort of São Lourenço do Bugio is located in the middle of the waters of the mouth of the…

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View of Nations' Park from the river . The Vasco da Gama Tower, the Vasco da Gama bridge, the Atlantic Pavilion and the Oceanarium can be identified.
Nations’ Park

Nations’ Park, located in the eastern part of Lisbon, is one of the most modern and developed areas of the…

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View over the Panoramic Elevator, with the Tagus River and the 25 de Abril Bridge in the background
Boca do Vento Panoramic Elevator

Built in 2000, this elevator connects the historic part of Almada, also known as “Almada Velha”, to the old shipyards…

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View from the sea over the Fort of S. Julião da Barra, with a blue sky and white clouds
Fort of S. Julião da Barra

The Fort of S. Julião da Barra is a historical and cultural monument located between two of the main beaches…

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The VTS Tower seen from the Tagus
VTS Tower

It is an aesthetically innovative structure with its captivating lines, defying gravity with its inclination, eliciting applause from some and…

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Statue of King Christ in Almada

Cristo Rei is made up of a 75-metre-high portico, topped by the statue of the Most Holy Redeemer with open…

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Santa Apolónia station seen at dusk
Santa Apolónia Station

It is the oldest train station in Lisbon and was the departure and arrival point for national and international trains.

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Monastery of São Vicente de Fora seen from the Tagus River
Monastery of S. Vicente de Fora

With over 800 years of history, the monastery of S. Vicente is a fine example of Manueline and Baroque architecture…

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National Pantheon seen from the Tagus
National Pantheon

Four hundred years of construction were worth the popular saying “Works of Santa Engracia” to the monument that is now…

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Ajuda Palace on top of the hill, seen from the Tagus
Ajuda Palace

In addition to its historical and architectural importance, Ajuda Palace is also known for its privileged location, with stunning views…

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Vasco da Gama Bridge seen from the Tagus River
Vasco da Gama Bridge

The bridge crosses the calm waters of the Tagus, connecting Lisbon to the regions of Alcochete and Montijo, located on…

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Fort of S. Bruno seen from the Atlantic waters
Fort of S. Bruno

It is located at the confluence of the Barcarena stream with the Tagus, opposite the Caxias Railway Station.

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Detalhe do Terminal de Cruzeiros de Lisboa
Lisbon Cruise Port

The Lisbon Cruise Port is located in a privileged area of the city, opposite the historic Alfama district and very…

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25 of Abril Bridge at dusk
25 April Bridge

The Bottleneck of the Tagus is the name given to the narrowest part of the river estuary and where the…

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Commerce Square
Commerce Square

Lisbon was reborn here… On November 1, 1755, around 9:30 am, the earthquake that destroyed Lisbon began.

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Tagus river during sunset
The City of Light

Poets, painters, inhabitants and visitors in general are enchanted with the light of Lisbon. They feel it, talk about it,…

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Boats moored in Cascais Bay
Cascais Bay

We sail in the same sea but have as a destination a closer location from Lisbon: towards the enchanting Bay…

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Jerónimos Monastery
Jerónimos Monastery

Jerónimos Monastery is 16th century Portuguese architecture masterpiece classified as a national monument.

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Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Discoveries Monument

With 50 meters high, the Discoveries Monument has the shape of a caravel.

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This is an experience not to be missed in Lisbon! Sailed on a sailing boat designed to satisfy you – with comfort and security – this tour offers you the opportunity to discover the banks of Tagus River. This tour provides you with magnificent views of the city, of its monuments and enchantment