Tailored solution

We make your dreams come true

Do you want to organize a tailor made boat tour?

Are you sitting, at this moment, in search of something and you are not sure of what …? Well, let us ask you: are you looking for something memorable? For a space where your guests can feel completely at ease? For a place of your own, completely private and exclusive? Do you want to fulfill a dream, in a beautiful environment and with a discrete service?

We make your dreams come true

Or do you want to get an experience to strengthen ties, to be remembered by all and to inspire your friends, family, co-workers or clients? An experience that you’ll remember for the good mood, glamour, tranquility and the unique light of the city of Lisbon and its river?

The waters of the Tagus will bless your event and immortalize it. We will assure that nothing will miss and that, in the end, your satisfaction is total. It will be epic!


Our success is your happiness

To understand the reason for our success, in creating unique events in the Tagus River, it might be useful to get to know us. Our team is made of professionals from different areas who have chosen to abandon their professions of the past and obtain in the present, the personal return we dreamed of. We also decided to embark on a dream, a common dream, of helping others to fulfill their dreams. To bring happiness and well-being with the least possible environmental impact. And in the end, we feel rewarded for it.

Our experience in creating this type of event gives us comfort and safety. We pursue excellence in service and seek to innovate, continually improving and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We work every day to get better and better, with professionalism, commitment, precision and objectivity. Focused on our client.

We are available to receive you, either by phone, skype or in person. We will love to meet you and listen to your dreams and desires because we know that they are our essence and the reason to live.

Come and dream with us. We are waiting for your contact!

What’s your dream?