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Tailored solution

Are you sitting, at this moment, in search of something and you are not sure of what …? Well, let us ask you: are you looking for something memorable?

People sitting on the sailboat contemplating Lisbon

Do you want to organize the boat tour of your dreams?

The dream commands life, as the Portuguese poet António Gedeão said.

Are you sitting, at this moment, in search of something and you are not sure of what …? Well, let us ask you: are you looking for something memorable? For a space where your guests can feel completely at ease? For a place of your own, completely private and exclusive? Do you want to fulfill a dream, in a beautiful environment and with a discrete service?

If the questions have made you even more thoughtful, you have come to the right place. Put forward your idea, share your desire as well as your dream. Our tours are designed to meet your needs, your goals, and your interests.

In addition, we offer the convenience you are looking for to ensure your comfort and that of your guests. Enjoy the wonderful landscapes, explore new horizons, enjoy the serenity of our tours thanks to the climate offered by our Lisbon.

The Tagus River is waiting for you to take a boat trip tailored to your dreams. Embark on this adventure with us!

We make your dreams come true

Or do you want to get an experience to strengthen ties, to be remembered by all and to inspire your friends, family, co-workers or clients? An experience that you’ll remember for the good mood, glamour, tranquility and the unique light of the city of Lisbon and its river?

Indeed, the questions are many and we have answers to them all. If you identify with any of these situations, we will help you make it happen.

In other words, if you are looking to customize your trip through the calm waters of the Tagus River, have greater control over the itinerary or even choose the activities to do on board, talk to us. We have a dedicated team at your disposal to make this experience exceptional.

The waters of the Tagus will bless your event and immortalize it. We will assure that nothing will miss and that, in the end, your satisfaction is total. It will be epic!

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Frequently asked questions

All Questions

How are the boats?

We have boats for all tastes. We operate comfortable sailboats with capacities between 6 and 18 passengers, between 10 and 18 meters, designed to satisfy the most demanding navigators. Our fleet includes catamarans, sailing and motor, speedboats and classic ships with a capacity of up to 340 guests.

They are prepared to receive our passengers with comfort and safety, with rigorous maintenance, always in perfect conditions to offer unforgettable experiences to our customers. In sum, our boats are designed to give you pleasure.

Do I need to have experience and knowledge in navigation?

Don’t worry. You don´t need to have any knowledge in navigation. But, if you want to learn, you will learn what is port and starboard. And if you want to learn more, it’s simple, take the opportunity and ask us.

What languages are spoken onboard?

We speak in English, Spanish and Portuguese, obviously. After all, we’re from Lisbon. And, if you want translation services to any other language, simply, contact us here. We will be happy to arrange it for you.

Can I bring children with me?

Children are welcome onboard. We can entertain them with pedagogy. We have protection cream with a protection factor of 50, caps and life vests, soft drinks and candy. And, if they want to sleep in one of the interior cabins, they will have a quiet sleep.

What experience do you have in organizing events for companies?

Lots of experience. We have already organized hundreds of events and handled all requests in a personalized and professional manner. You can check in the news section some examples of companies that have trusted us.

What should I wear?

Whatever you want. Come in good spirits.

We are prepared to help you if necessary. We recommend comfortable clothing, suitable for the time of year / time of day. A bathing suit can also be useful during the experiences Party & Sail, Sea Breeze  and Atlantic Voyage.

Organize a boat tour tailored to your dreams!