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A sailing tour powered by Spotify

There were well-tuned and rhythmic moments that we had the opportunity to provide, during the Team building event, to Spotify’s team of thirty people from three continents. In addition to strengthening their relationships in this face-to-face meeting, they were also able to enjoy an unforgettable experience on the Tagus River.

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A boat event in Lisbon, well paced

This time we had the opportunity to provide the Spotify team with an unforgettable experience on the Tagus River. We organized a boat event in Lisbon, full of joy and excitement.

It was a boat tour where guests from three continents gathered. The group of participants, workers at Spotify from countries such as the United States, Costa Rica, Sweden and the United Kingdom, were able to strengthen their relationships at this face-to-face meeting.

This event in Lisbon took place aboard a beautiful classic three-masted sailboat. This boat is very used to hosting elegant events for up to 75 guests. And also to provide, to those who enjoy it, a relaxing way to discover the charms and city views.

The sound of music during sunset

With Lisbon as scenario and the sound of quiet background music, a nice cocktail and dinner were served during the tour. The total duration of this experience was three hours. The highlight was during sunset – which always crowns these elegant events with the glamor with which nature gives the city – offering everyone a unique light and memories.

Well tuned moments

In the end, guests were delighted with this activity in Lisbon, which was part of a set of initiatives for Spotify’s employees during a week in Portugal.

The organization was in charge of Total Management Group, a leading global event, travel and experiences group based in London and New York. For us, it was a pleasure and an honor to receive the confidence to take responsibility for organizing this team building event in Lisbon.

Above all, this was another unique and differentiated corporate event. In common with other events we organized during the year only the fact that it went as planned, thanks to the professionalism of the entire team involved in its production. And now, “show must go on …

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