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A Successful Alliance

This time the successful alliance was with the Employment Law Alliance as part of their Annual Global Membership Conference. During the tour with 40 guests, dinner was served on board while they had the opportunity to enjoy the city of Lisbon during the unforgettable October sunset.

A successful alliance

Corporate event in Lisbon

In the context of the Annual Global Membership Conference of Employment Law Alliance,  a group of 40 guests from different countries had the opportunity to participate in a private tour on a classic sailboat, and enjoy the city of Lisbon during the unforgettable October sunset.

During the cocktail at a corporate event in Lisbon
During the cocktail at a corporate event in Lisbon

During the tour a cocktail and buffet dinner were served – details of Portuguese culture and cuisine – which were greatly appreciated by all participants. This moment made it possible to strengthen the ties between the guests, reinforcing their sense of belonging to the group and further improving the existing relationships in a relaxed and relaxing mode.

This was the perfect way to end the conference and was also considered as the highlight of their stay in Lisbon. Read here the testimony of one of the participants of this event.

More and better and better

It is a fact that more and more companies around the world have been systematically looking for Portugal, and specifically Lisbon, to hold corporate events. Many of these events have team building and networking goals.

Buffet on board during a corporate event in Lisbon
Buffet on board during a corporate event in Lisbon

Also major international events have chosen Lisbon as the venue. Recently and successfully completed Web Summit 2019. It is Europe’s largest technology conference and this year has had over 70.000 attendees. In 2020, the Portuguese capital will host the world’s largest sustainable innovation event, Planetiers World Gathering, which will feature internationally renowned personalities. Also in 2020, Lisbon will host the Social Good Summit where the Goals for Sustainable Development will be discussed. They are just a few of many examples of corporate events in Lisbon we can proudly mention.

Tagus River thanks this movement that gives life and joy. And reciprocates through memorable experiences by providing the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of its waters and the unique views of Lisbon.

Lisbon among European cities with greater cultural dynamism

Multifaceted and cosmopolitan, Lisbon remains a reference in studies carried out by international organizations. This was the case of the Observatory on Cultural and Creative Cities, an online tool created by the European Commission, which considered it one of the most dynamic European cities.

Events in Portugal, obviously

In fact, with eight centuries of history, 3000 hours of sunshine a year, 850 kms of the Atlantic coast, Portugal has a set of unique and highly valued attributes.

With a great diversity of landscapes within walking distance, it offers remarkable experiences in leisure activities with strong historical links to heritage, tradition and culture. This safe and mild European country is the perfect destination in all seasons.

The infrastructures are very well prepared

Portugal has recently achieved world leadership in the quality of tourism infrastructure, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2019 Tourism Competitiveness Report, released on 4th September.

Sunset in Lisbon
Sunset in Lisbon

In this report, Portugal reaches for the first time the 12th place in the global competitiveness ranking. In the Tourism Infrastructure component, Portugal occupies the leadership of this ranking for the first time, surpassing countries such as Austria, Spain or the United States.

It should also be noted that Portugal is in the highest position ever, having risen eight positions since 2013 (20th place). This WEF report takes an in-depth look at tourism in 140 world economies.

And we follow and contribute to this growth

Discoveries Monument at sunset
Discoveries Monument

2019 is also being the best year ever for Lisbon Sight Sailing. Aware of the evolution of market changes, we have been able to adapt and evolve to take advantage of the opportunities that arise and continuously innovate, always focused on meeting our customers’ expectations.

Thus, in addition to the large number of corporate events in Lisbon that we have already held this year, it was also possible to consolidate the area of events for organized groups (mainly birthday parties or bachelorette parties on board), to increase the number of partnerships, strengthen the Unique Experience Collection and innovate the online booking system, making the user experience even simpler and more fun.

Concluding and summarizing …

The volume of our activity has increased. We have maintained the high service level and also the satisfaction of the customers who trusted us. Finally, we were distinguished as the best charter company in Lisbon and won the Travel & Hospitality Award 2019.

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In conclusion. If you want to organize a business event on a boat in Lisbon… Contact us.

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