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Creative business events on board

After all, who doesn’t like a different and original experience?

Organizing creative corporate events can be an excellent way to dazzle and motivate your employees. Despite this, planning a creative event can be a challenge for those in charge.

There are many ways to make your event more creative than the previous year’s. From dinners to escape rooms, cooking classes or even mixology, spending an afternoon in go-karts with your team… a whole range of excellent team-building options.

Have you already organized these activities or do some of them not fit in with your company? It’s time to invest in a new idea!

An increasingly popular option in Lisbon for creative business events is to hold events on board.

Advantages of organizing an event on board

Original and unusual experience

The main advantage of organizing a corporate event on a boat is the different experience it gives your employees. By choosing an unusual location, you are creating an exclusive and relaxed environment for your guests, as well as a distinctive atmosphere, helping to strengthen the bonds between your team. Lisbon is beautiful from the river, which in itself guarantees an unforgettable experience for all participants.

In addition, you can customize the catering, decoration, lighting and entertainment to suit the theme of your event and thus convey the identity of your organization.

However, you should always bear in mind that new elements influence the final cost of the event. So, before you start planning, define a clear and realistic budget. Determine how much you are willing to invest and make sure you take into account all the costs involved.

Recharge your energy

Business events offer guests a much-needed break from the daily grind. The home-work and work-home routine is tiring and stressful. For this reason, more and more companies are investing in ways to break this routine.

A good leader dedicates himself to his employees so that they dedicate themselves to his company. Therefore, making the work environment more pleasant and productive is an excellent start. Motivated employees generate a higher level of satisfaction and productivity, which has an impact on team performance and talent retention. What’s more, because of the reputation the organization builds in this respect, it not only retains but can attract new talent.

What’s more, the change of scenery offered by an event on a boat can help stimulate creativity and innovation. So a boat could be the perfect choice for your corporate event venue.

Exclusive networking

Another advantage of organizing a business event on a boat is the networking opportunity. A relaxed and informal environment where clients and employees have the opportunity to interact, helping to build relationships. The idea of taking part in a unique event can be an incentive for your clients to attend and get to know your company better. So take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your business relationships.

Ideas for creative activities and entertainment on board

One of the most important aspects of any corporate event is the activities and entertainment on offer. When planning an event on board, there are many creative ideas you can explore to make the experience even more special. Here are a few suggestions:

Thematic workshops

Organize themed workshops related to your company’s business sector. For example, if you’re a technology company, you could offer a 30-minute workshop on innovation and technological trends. After the workshop, employees can enjoy the beautiful views that the city of Lisbon has to offer.

Um mágico com as suas cartas, pronto para fazer um truque de magia e entreter o público
A magician with his cards

Magic show on board

The proposal to hold a mini magic show on board stands out as a unique alternative for corporate events. By opting for this format, the company offers its guests an exclusive entertainment experience that goes beyond the conventional. This approach not only provides a moment of relaxation, but also reinforces the company’s image as innovative and, once again, capable of thinking outside the box.


Invite a speaker to share their knowledge with your guests. This talk can cover a variety of topics, from leadership and motivation to market trends and business strategies. The topic is up to you.

Team-building activities

The relaxed atmosphere of a boat is perfect for team-building activities. Promote collaboration and teamwork with fun challenges such as regattas. These activities will not only help strengthen the bonds between participants, but will also promote communication and challenge problem-solving. Besides, who doesn’t like a good competition?

Wine tasting

For a sophisticated touch, offer a wine tasting on board. Select two or three quality wines and provide information about each one. This sensory experience will help stimulate guests’ taste buds. Something we’ve done several times and the participants have loved it!

Sail & SPA

How about enjoying a natural spa on board? A proposal that combines harmony, nature and well-being. With dives, sunbathing and a team of specialized masseurs who will transform your experience of sailing the Tagus River. This is a relaxing, energizing and truly unforgettable option.

Theme party

If you want a more informal atmosphere, organizing a themed party for your company can be an excellent option. That way, you can encourage more people to take part.

Who wouldn’t want to attend a 50s/60s party? With a number of movie and music icons, this theme is all about nostalgia. To make the party more lively, opt for a musical selection that includes national and international classics from the era. There is an area for the dance floor, allowing your guests to dance and have fun.

Another idea would be to opt for a masquerade ball, especially if you prefer a more formal approach. If the intention is to plan a social event with a more elegant dress code, investing in this theme can make for a sophisticated celebration. The mysterious atmosphere of masked balls adds a touch of charm to the occasion.

The potential of holding business events on a boat

Organizing creative business events on board a boat offers several advantages.

As well as being an original and unique experience, it offers the opportunity for exclusive networking. It’s an unforgettable moment for those who take part, and everyone should have the opportunity to see Lisbon from the Tagus.

Finally, there are countless options for activities and entertainment on board, allowing you to create a truly personalized experience for your employees. The sky’s the limit. So let your imagination run wild and discuss your ideas with us!

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