Nautical tips

Fortune favours the well-prepared*

  • Tips on sailing

    Any trip requires preparation. In order for  a trip to run smoothly, it requires great adaptability to the surrounding conditions (climate, wind, tides, currents, among others).

    If you intend to steer the ship, you must attend a course required by law and successfully complete it. In addition, you can always attend sailing classes to improve your skills. After all, knowledge is power…

  • Preparing for the trip

    You must verify that the boat has all the items in the checklist of equipment previously drawn up. Remember that you must always have rescue equipment, first aid, radio equipment, miscellaneous equipment and ofcourse supplies.

    See the weather forecast. Check out this very interesting website:

During and after the trip

For starters, you need to get out of the protected area of the marina which has its own well-defined rules. In some marinas it is necessary to respect the opening hours of port entrances (for example, in the marina of Parque das Nações) or movable bridges (as is the case with the Doca do Espanhol, also in Lisbon). In all, the maximum speed of navigation is of 3 nautical miles.

Depending on the purpose of the trip, the destination to reach and the conditions (origin and force) of the wind and the tide, different strategies may be followed. These options are mainly related to the type of sail and respective forms of use.

Finally, after the trip, there are several precautions to follow to ensure the correct maintenance of the ship and equipment. You might want to know, for example, that  the boat must be washed with fresh water…

* Popular Portuguese saying.

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