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The “pre-wedding” event

More and more foreigners choose our beautiful Country, and in particular, the city of Lisbon for their “travel wedding”. So, we recently had the opportunity to organize a “pre-wedding” event, which is the perfect moment to gather all the guests in advance and an opportunity for guests to get to know each other.

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The “pre-wedding” event in Lisbon

More and more foreigners choose our beautiful Country, and in particular, the city of Lisbon for their “travel wedding”. So, we recently had the opportunity to organize a “pre-wedding” event! And what is this? There will be some of you asking … it’s the perfect opportunity to gather all the guests in advance. An opportunity for guests to get to know each other.

Everything went smoothly…

The young, friendly couple from the United States were advised by a professional wedding planner. Over 40 guests were welcomed at this welcome party before the wedding. So, in addition to enjoying themselves in a relaxing and charming way, they discovered Lisbon on a boat trip during the sunset.

On board was served a menu that illustrated the Portuguese culture and gastronomy. To accompany, a selection of wines harmonized for the purpose and satisfying some very special requests, such as the existence of a Rosé on board. It was an introduction to the city of Lisbon, unique and unforgettable.

… and they lived happily ever after

It was in this relaxed way that the guests mingled in an informal atmosphere and with an idyllic setting. Many of the bride and groom’s friends and relatives met for the first time at this pre-wedding party. The emotions felt on board, the toast to the bride and groom, the symbolism of the moment of finishing the single stage and the beginning of a new life for two ensured that this was a truly memorable event.

This type of events has seen significant growth in recent years in Lisbon. In fact, we have received clients of different nationalities who are looking for us to help them in their planning. These are initiatives that we have developed with pleasure, in which the level of detail and customization required involve a high commitment of our team, which is one of the main reasons for the success we have achieved in these initiatives.

Post-Wedding Celebration

While pre-wedding events occur more frequently, they have already blessed us with the possibility of hosting a post-wedding party.

This year, we had the opportunity to hold a truly memorable post-wedding event. A lovely and passionate couple from North America chose Portugal as the setting for their union celebration. The wedding took place in the area of Mafra, and the following day, they traveled to Lisbon accompanied by friends and family and embarked with us.

We provided an elegant and spacious boat that, during the journey, offered panoramic views of Lisbon and its most emblematic monuments. As the boat sailed through the river waters, guests indulged in traditional Portuguese tapas, accompanied by sangria and the finest local wines.

The post-wedding celebration on a boat provided a relaxed and unique atmosphere where guests could toast to the love and happiness of the couple. Following that, we have the testimony of this couple that left us with full hearts:

“Amazing experience with Lisbon Sight Sailing! We rented the two deck catamaran for a sunset cruise for 70 people and it was perfect. The boat was beautiful and the staff were absolutely wonderful. With two bars and tasty snacks, all of our guests were incredibly happy. The team was also very helpful and easy to work with as we planned the event. Thank you!”

Mikaela Waters

Choosing Lisbon as the destination for both pre and post-wedding celebrations aboard a boat reflects the growing trend of foreign couples opting for Portugal for their weddings and special celebrations. With its welcoming ambiance, Lisbon continues to be a top choice for unforgettable events. For the couple and their guests, the post-wedding experience in Lisbon will be a memory they will cherish for a lifetime.

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