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New timetables available

More and better options for you!

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We are pleased to announce that Lisbon Sight Sailing, your #1 choice for boat tours on the Tagus River, now offers improved, more affordable experiences with more schedule options! This way, you’ll have even more opportunities to explore Lisbon’s breathtaking views from a unique perspective.

Due to the growing demand we face and our commitment to offer exceptional experiences, Lisbon Sight Sailing decides to open new schedule options to meet the needs of consumers. And, in this way, be able to meet the expectations of its customers, since our new schedules will guarantee flexibility and convenience.

Whether it’s a special family celebration, a relaxed outing with friends, a team building event with coworkers, or even a moment for two. We work to ensure that they will be unique and unforgettable moments!

Our experienced crew is ready to assist you during your tour as you admire Lisbon’s iconic sights, including the stunning 25 de Abril Bridge, Discoveries Monument, Jerónimos Monastery, Folk Art Museum , Electricity Museum, Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), Ajuda Palace, National Ancient Art Museum, Estrela Basilica, Cais do Sodré, Commerce Square, and more.

With the new schedules available, you can’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of the Tagus River from a new angle and create lasting memories, especially with those you value most.

Join us to explore the magnificent Tagus River in a completely new way. We can’t wait to welcome you on board and create unforgettable moments together!

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