Início » Travel & Hospitality Award 2022 achievement: “Sailing Company of the Year in Lisbon”

Travel & Hospitality Award 2022 achievement: “Sailing Company of the Year in Lisbon”

It is a recognition of exceptional service, excellence and innovation in the travel and hospitality industry.

…I am pleased to confirm Lisbon Sight Sailing been selected as our winner for Sailing Company of the Year in Lisboa.

Alice Smith
Awards Manager
Travel & Hospitality Awards

What good news in the inbox first thing in the morning! This is a huge achievement and we are naturally proud to have been selected as one of the prestigious winners.

In fact, this was the third time that we are awarded this distinction. Both in 2019 and in 2020 we had already received this award. However, in 2021 and as a result of the pandemic, there was an interruption in the allocation of these prizes. And this year we received this distinction again for the way we organize our boat trips in Lisbon. It is an honor to renew this rating!

What are the Travel & Hospitality Awards?

It is a global recognition program for the travel industry that recognizes the best hotels, tour operators, experience providers, spa and wellness facilities, restaurants, and technology and innovation companies. It is one of the few independent organizations that award this type of award on a global scale.

Prizes are awarded based on analysis of customer feedback along with other sources of information collected by this independent global organization. In addition to ranking online reviews, criteria such as “Hospitality”, “Experience” and “Level of Service” also contribute to the evaluation process. Nominees are further categorized and compared regionally by a panel of expert judges.

Our route

Ten years after the creation of Lisbon Sight Sailing, we already have many stories to tell. And we are also certain that we have provided experiences that created memories of unique moments in Lisbon for many people from all over the world.

Be it visitors who wanted to discover Lisbon from a unique perspective, be it couples who chose to experience romantic moments (or even marriage proposals), be it people who decided to celebrate a birthday on board, be it groups of friends who had a bachelorette party on a boat, whether customers who wanted to enjoy luxury nautical experiences or companies with different motivations and objectives, and of course, all those who wanted to design an experience exactly to their measure. And all this, done with the high commitment and dedication of our team to whom we attribute and with whom we celebrate this success.

Anyway, more than looking back, we continue to look forward. Taking a path that is intended to continue to be based on the values we defend, which include quality, continuous improvement, rigor, commitment, customer and team satisfaction.

We provide the best boat trips in Lisbon

The experiences we provide are considered the best boat trips in Lisbon. Many of our customers recognize that this is an unmissable tour in the Portuguese capital. And being in the top 10 of the best things to do in Lisbon is further proof that these are truly unforgettable moments.

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