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Lisbon is as of today the Iberian-American Capital of Culture 2017

All roads lead to Lisbon. A very complete program to enjoy until the end of the year.

Belém Tower, Discoveries Monument and Tagus Bridge

Lisbon is since this Saturday until December 22nd, the Ibero-American Capital of Culture 2017, with a program that includes more than 150 activities and in which hundreds of artists from Brazil and Latin America will participate.

This is the second time that Lisbon is chosen by the Union of Iberian-American Capitals as Ibero-American Capital of Culture. The first was in 1994, the same year as the European Capital of Culture. The inauguration of the exhibition “Al final del paraíso” by the Mexican artist Démian Flores is scheduled to open at 5 pm on the Galeria of the Discoveries Monument.

The Inauguration Day

The inauguration, at the Discoveries Monument gallery, of the exhibition Al final del paraíso, by Mexican artist Démian Flores, is scheduled for 5pm.

The opening ceremony, during which a philatelic issue commemorating the initiative will be presented, consisting of four stamps and a block that “aim to portray cultural and historical aspects of some cities associated with the Ibero-American territory”, will take place at 7pm at São Luiz Theater.

At the same theater, at 9pm, the concert Canções para uma Festa will bring together the Portuguese Gisela João, the Peruvian Mariela Condo, and the Panamanian Yomira John. The show will be repeated on Sunday, also at 9 pm.

The opening day of Lisbon Ibero-American Capital of Culture 2017 ends at midnight with the Danças party, in the Winter Garden of the São Luiz Theater, with music by the Portuguese La Flama Blanca and set design by Pedro Valdez Cardoso.

The program includes, in addition to exhibitions and concerts, theater plays, guided tours, artistic residencies, film screenings, colloquia, workshops, an urban art festival, dance shows, an oral narration festival and a book fair by photography.

The complete program can be seen here.

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