Meetings on board

  1. Meetings on board

Some companies have already discovered that they can hold meetings on board our sailboats in the Tagus river, Lisbon.

This is the ideal place for a meeting where it is necessary to define new strategic objectives, goals or actions. It is also the perfect place to relax and strengthen the team spirit. Your team, or guests, will feel stimulated to think “out-of-the-box”.

Whether your goal is to be more creative, close business or celebrate a special moment, do it with this seal of excellence. You will feel that the surroundings make all the difference!

These are exclusive experiences, held in a unique space and environment, for restricted groups of guests.

From public relations events, to charmed events, to discreet business meetings or tastings, we have done it all – and succeeded – so that in the end, our clients, your clients and collaborators can preserve in their memories something absolutely special.


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