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Meetings on board

It is an option increasingly requested by companies that want a private space, in a unique context and that, among other advantages, provide very special memories.

Two men shaking hands on a boat

While traditional meetings usually have their place, for example in an office, there is something truly different about taking your meetings out to sea. Sailing to success is not just a metaphor, it’s a powerful strategy that can take your business to new heights.

Below, we explore some benefits of holding a meeting on a boat, with an unconventional approach.

What happens in Tagus, stays in Tagus

Meetings are a fundamental part of the business world. They allow teams and/or customers to come together, share ideas and make decisions that are important to the success of the organization.

However, meetings often become so routine and predictable that they lose their effectiveness and impact. It is therefore essential to find ways to make meetings more stimulating and memorable. A great way to counteract this routine is to choose a seemingly unusual location for your meetings – a boat.

If the right space is selected, the location also generates value for the business as it shows professionalism and credibility. Confidentiality is the key word when the moment demands it. In this sense, we highlight another aspect highly valued in this type of situation – privacy.

The importance of privacy in meetings

Trust: Private meetings provide a safe environment where participants feel comfortable sharing ideas, opinions and concerns. When privacy is guaranteed, people tend to express themselves more honestly, which leads to richer discussions and more innovative solutions.

Strategic discussions: During business meetings, sensitive information about strategic plans, product launches and partnerships is often discussed. Privacy prevents this crucial information from falling into the hands of competitors or malicious people, which can seriously damage the organization.

Focus and efficiency: Private meetings have fewer outside distractions, which allows for more focused discussions and decision-making. Getting out of your comfort zone makes people more productive and assertive.

Respect for participants: Ensuring privacy in meetings shows that the company values and respects its employees, partners and customers. This contributes to a more positive working environment and a healthy corporate culture.

Best boat option

The boat offers a unique setting for your meetings, while providing a break from the daily office routine.

Choosing the ideal boat for your business meeting is essential to ensure the success of your event. There are different types of boats available, each with its own characteristics and capabilities. So you don’t have to worry, this task is on us!

Before deciding which boat to use, it is important to consider the number of people who will be present at the meeting, the equipment needed and the purpose of the meeting. In addition, it is critical to know the client’s needs and preferences, such as space for formal meetings, relaxation areas or other additional services.

In practice, does it work?

Some companies have already discovered that they can hold meetings on board our sailboats in the Tagus river, Lisbon. Most of them have already repeated this experience, which is undoubtedly the best indicator of the effectiveness of this formula.

This is the ideal place for a meeting where it is necessary to define new strategic objectives, goals or actions. It is also the perfect place to relax and strengthen the team spirit. Your team, or guests, will feel stimulated to think “out-of-the-box”.

Whether your goal is to be more creative, close business or celebrate a special moment, do it with this seal of excellence. You will feel that the surroundings make all the difference!

These are exclusive experiences, held in a unique space and environment, for restricted groups of guests.

From public relations events, to charmed events, to discreet business meetings or tastings, we have done it all – and succeeded – so that in the end, our clients, your clients and collaborators can preserve in their memories something absolutely special.

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