Opening of the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

  1. Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

With its curved shapes and 120 meters long, on the edge of Tagus river, the new building – designed by the British architect Amanda Levete – opened its doors today to the public.

“The idea of this architecture is that the building does not collides with the landscape but otherwise it appears as a natural element giving the sense of continuity and leaving the view free to the city and the river,” says the architect, who adds that the goal was to create a space where people could come not only as a museum but as a public space where they can find themselves, in a time where communication happens mainly at distance”, she says. This, is more important than the buildings it selves. ”

This is certainly an experience to enjoy in 2017. And in addition to exploring what MAAT has to show you, you always have the opportunity to discover it from a unique perspective with us.

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