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50th Anniversary of the Tagus River Bridge

With a total length of 2.280 meters, the magnificence of this bridge is impressive. When it opened on August 6, 1966, it was the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world and the longest outside the United States. Fifty years later, it remains among the 20 largest suspension bridges in the world.

Bridge over the Tagus

The Tagus Bridge was inaugurated in 1966, precisely 50 years ago. This work of art was a landmark of engineering in Portugal. Built by the United States Steel Export Company which was also responsible for the construction of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, it was completed ahead of schedule and at lower costs than expected.ção da Golden Gate bridge, em São Francisco. Além disso, foi concluída antes do tempo previsto para a sua execução e com custos inferiores aos previstos.

At the time of its inauguration it was the fifth largest suspension bridge in the world and the largest outside the United States. Today, this iron-road bridge is a fundamental element in the mobility of the inhabitants of the two banks, being used daily by about 300 thousand people.

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