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Lisbon Cruise Port

The Lisbon Cruise Port is located in a privileged area of the city, opposite the historic Alfama district and very close to down town , with excellent access to the main points of interest in the Portuguese capital.

Detail of the Lisbon Cruise Port

Inaugurated in November 2017, the renowned architect Carrilho da Graça designed this infrastructure. The Lisbon Cruise Terminal has a total of 13,800 m2 on three floors and a berth approximately 1,500 meters long. This pier is intended for docking cruise ships, allowing Lisbon to receive vessels of any size.

The building also represents a technological feat: its facades are built with white concrete with cork agglomerate with structural characteristics – significantly lighter – and with greater thermal insulation capabilities than normal structural concrete.

There are also the offices of the competent authorities, shops, check-in facilities and support services for the comfort of all visitors, passengers and crew. It has two fully automated passage systems, as well as support equipment for ship operations, and can supply power, water and other provisions to berthed vessels.

In 2019, the number of passengers using the facilities at the Lisbon cruise terminal was 571,259, resulting from a total of 310 ship calls. In 2022, it received 327 cruise ship calls, which represents a new record for usage.

In 2022 it was voted the best Cruise Terminal in Europe by the World Cruise Awards. This highlights Lisbon’s exceptional conditions for welcoming cruise ships and passengers with ever-increasing demands and providing an excellent service to those who visit the Portuguese capital.

New cruise passenger record

In 2023, the Port of Lisbon registered a new record for cruise passengers, around 758.3 thousand. The largest turnaround operation took place on July 30, with a total of 9,163 passengers, of which 4,476 embarked and 4,687 disembarked. The year 2023 ends with a direct economic impact of more than 83 million euros.

In the same year, the North American market took 2nd place (42%) in the table for the highest number of turnaround passengers, behind the United Kingdom

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