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Jeanneau Sun-Kiss 47

The Balaya is a French sailboat 14.36 meters long and 4.48 meters wide. It offers a spacious and comfortable environment for up to 10 people. It has three bedrooms, a lounge with a kitchen and a bathroom.

Sailboat moored at the dock, with SUP board on the boat

Type: Monohull Sailboat

Brand/model: Jeanneau Sun-Kiss 47

Length: 47 feet

Capacity: 10 people + crew

This sailboat became famous for its role in the Portuguese Netflix series “Rabo de Peixe“. In the plot, which takes place in 2001, the sailboat is shipwrecked off the coast of São Miguel Island, Azores, after facing a storm in the Atlantic Ocean.

This event serves as the starting point for the story, which explores the consequences of the arrival of a large quantity of cocaine in the quiet fishing village.


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