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It was in a festive and relaxed setting that this boat tour along the Tagus River took place. It was a truly unforgettable experience for all 45 participants.

Three-Masted Classic Sailboat

Corporate Event in Lisbon

In the context of a company meeting (ATERNO), we had the opportunity to, once again, make use of our skills and deliver an unforgettable experience for all 45 participants.

It was in a festive and relaxed setting that this boat tour on the Tagus River took place, aboard a sailboat. It was a three-masted Schooner, 35 meters long. This comfortable sailboat has capacity for 75 people and has a living room, bar and bathrooms.

Like business tourism, business events have also seen a very significant growth in the city of Lisbon, and in particular on the Tagus River. For this reason we have been increasingly sought after for the organization of these type of activities.

The results we have achieved allow us to state that we are on the right path. We have a set of solutions that allow us, with professionalism, to meet the needs and expectations of our business customers. And these options include different types of boats, crew, animators, tour guides, photographers, musicians and dj’s… So, if you want to organize a memorable business event with us, contact us.

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Illustration of a sailboat with the sun in the sky

Tell us what you want. We will be delighted to participate in the realization of yet another epic event!v

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