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97 Dutch Surgeons Conquer the Tagus River

The regatta organized by Lisbon Sight Sailing offered a unique team-building experience.

Group photo

On June 6th, the Tagus River hosted yet another successful event, this time with a special touch: 97 Dutch surgeons embarked on a team-building regatta organized by Lisbon Sight Sailing   

The event, which brought together experienced and passionate medical professionals, provided moments of camaraderie, relaxation, and, of course, a lot of adrenaline on the Portuguese waters. Some even dared to dip their feet! Keep reading and you won’t regret it 😉.

Contagious excitement

Even before boarding the boat, the group’s excitement was contagious. Surgeons of various ages and backgrounds gathered at the Santo Amaro Dock, dividing into teams of seven. The anticipation for the regatta was evident, and the promise of a different, challenge-filled day motivated them even more.

After this division, the guests were accompanied by our team of skippers to the sailboats where the activity would begin.

The Warm-Up

As the start time approached, the surgeons boarded the sailboats, divided into a total of 14 teams. The adrenaline was rising as they adjusted their life jackets and received initial instructions from their accompanying skipper.

With the boats still docked, passengers took the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the vessel and discuss strategies with their colleagues. Concentration mingled with excitement, creating an atmosphere of complete unity and sportsmanship. Everything was set to take home the medal!

Finally, the sailboats left the dock towards the Tagus River, where a familiarization training with the maneuvers began. All participants had the opportunity to steer the boat, hoist sails, pull ropes, and discover where port and starboard are! 

3,2,1 start!

At the sound of the starting horn, the jury initiated the regatta. “May the best win,” was what we heard.

With the sails hoisted, the teams worked together, coordinating their actions and making the most of the wind in their favor.

The competition wasn’t everything. There was also room for relaxation and laughter as the surgeons enjoyed the cityscape and each other’s company.

End of the Regatta

After more than two hours of competition on the river, the teams returned to the docks with smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment. The award ceremony was a moment of great joy and camaraderie among all participants.

This regatta represented a day of unity, relaxation, and achievement, allowing the participants to strengthen their bonds of friendship, work as a team, and, above all, have fun during their stay in Lisbon.

The event was an absolute success, both for the praised organization by Lisbon Sight Sailing and the enthusiasm and team spirit of the Dutch surgeons. See the testimony from our client next: 

“Sailing regatta highly recommended. For a group of 100 guests Lisbon Sailing recently organised a sailing regatta for us. The whole process from first contact to the actual event went smoothly and Luís was always available to think along with us for extra requests. That way we were able to incorporate a small awards ceremony with drinks after the sailing which made the afternoon complete. His team was enthusiastic and professional, and a special mention goes out to the photographer who took amazing photos of the activity. We highly recommend Lisbon Sailing and look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Maike Mehlert, Kingcanary

The regatta provided unforgettable moments for all participants, which they will surely carry in their memories forever.

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