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Tailor-made corporate events

Corporate events are becoming increasingly important in the business world.

The moment to enjoy the sunset during this wonderful on-board experience

This type of event offers organizations the chance to strengthen relationships with their clients, employees and even business partners. Based on this thinking, the importance of corporate events has gradually grown over the years.

They also provide an opportunity for organizations to reinvent themselves, show their resilience and establish lasting connections with their employees, thus standing out from their competition.

Three successful corporate events

Undoubtedly, the search for unique, memorable, quality and highly reliable experiences is a constant in the mind of an event planner. And that’s exactly what we provide to those who come to us.

Each of the three tours we present below had unique features and characteristics that made them truly special. The five-star service provided by our team ensured that everything happened as promised.

Elleebana – From Australia to the World

Founded in 1995, Elleebana specializes in Lash Lifting and Eyelash Extensions. Passion and dedication have seen Elleebana expand to over 60 countries worldwide in recent years. Elleebana’s popularity continues to grow mainly due to the superior quality of the products, innovative research and development.

The photo of the Elleebanna "family" during their corporate event
The Elleebanna “family” photo

Read the testimony of Otto Mitter, CEO of Elleebana, here: “Incredible experience! We had our company event on the cruise and it was spectacular. Our guests loved it so much and we captured some incredible memories. A special thank you to Luis, for making the booking process seamless!”


Logitech – Technology on land and on the river!

In September, Logitech held a unique event on the Tagus River, combining technology and leisure.

Logitech is a Swiss company focused on innovation and quality. With products sold in almost every country in the world, Logitech develops solutions that help businesses thrive and unite people through music, games, streaming, video and computing. For more than 40 years, they have been expanding their product design expertise and reach globally.

Welcome coffe

The event, organized by Lisbon Sight Sailing, began at 4pm at Santo Amaro Dock, where guests were welcomed with a welcome coffee, providing a relaxed moment of networking and interaction between the participants.

After the welcome, the guests attended an hour-long presentation of Logitech products. During this session, the company’s latest technological innovations were highlighted, covering a wide range of devices that make digital life easier and more efficient.

Presentation of new technological equipment - Before the boat tour
Presentation – Logitech

Boat tour

The highlight of the event came when guests embarked on a two-hour boat tour along the River Tagus. The experience included the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular sunset and breathtaking views of Lisbon. It provided the perfect setting for relaxing, chatting and enjoying the company of colleagues and business partners.

The combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative product presentations and a sunset boat trip made this corporate event a unique experience for all participants. The organization thus reaffirms its commitment to innovation and creating memorable moments for its partners and clients.

In the end, Pedro Mata, Key Account Manager at Logitech Portugal, made a point of evaluating the experience on TripAdvisor. Here’s his testimony: “Excellent experience! I hired Luís who proved to be an excellent host on board a beautiful and very comfortable catamaran for an event of 40 people. Excellent catering, excellent choice of music, perfect bar service. I recommend him if you’re looking for a successful corporate event.”

SMF Agency – “Food lovers” on board

SMF Agency is a marketing communications agency focused on the food service industry. The agency organizes live events, creates digital books and magazines, develops strategies, designs loyalty campaigns and promotions, among other services. It relies on the help of its creative team of writers and designers. SMF Agency knows the world of food and hospitality and how to touch the hearts of its target audience.

SMF Agency chose Lisbon Sight Sailing to organize a unique experience on the Tagus River. The tour started at 16:00 at the Santo Amaro Recreational Dock and lasted two hours, ending and docking at the South and Southeast River Station, near Commerce Square.

This corporate event was planned as a surprise for the 65 guests. As soon as the guests arrived at the Docks, they were met by two catamarans ready to receive them. The amazement and enthusiasm was palpable. And the best part was getting a smile on the face of every guest who climbed aboard.

The group split into two. Half went on a catamaran and the other half went on the same boat.

The tour began with a wine tasting, explained by the sommelier on duty during the event. While the guests relaxed in the catamaran’s hammocks, they enjoyed good Portuguese white and green wine. One of the highlights of the event was when, halfway through the tour, the sommelier switched from one catamaran to the other as they sailed side by side along the waters of the River Tagus. At the end of the afternoon, guests enjoyed delicious ice cream served on board.

There was also ambient music to complete the boat tour along the Tagus River.

Em sum…

Corporate events are an essential part of the business world. With us, it’s not just an event, but an experience that will remain etched in the memory of all the participants.

If you want to make your event stand out in 2024, Lisbon Sight Sailing is the perfect choice. Let us take care of all the details while you enjoy a unique experience.

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