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Garden of the River

A spacious and refreshing space

Between the cliff of Almada and the Tagus River, Garden of the River is a spacious and refreshing space, ideal for a pleasant walk along the Ginjal pier, or simply to relax on the grass by the Tagus.

Garden with a cliff in the background and panoramic elevator seen from the Tagus River

One of the main attractions of Jardim do Rio is its privileged location, which allows a unique view of the Tagus River, the 25 of Abril Bridge and the city of Lisbon. It is a spacious and refreshing space that allows for pleasant walks and moments of relaxation in the garden area. This garden was designed to be an extension of the city of Almada to the Tagus River.

The riverside area is characterized by a stone path that follows the course of the river and offers a spectacular view over Lisbon. In this space, it is possible to sit on the benches and enjoy the landscape or even fish in the river. There is a route that ends at a viewpoint next to the Panoramic Elevator square in Boca do Vento.

Fountain built by King D. João V in 1736
Pipa Fountain, built in 1736

Garden of the River extends along the escarpment, from Pipa Fountain, a fountain built by King João V in 1736, to the houses of Pier of Ginjal, standing out as a small gem on the riverfront of Almada. Its leafy vegetation combines perfectly with the freshness of the waters, providing an atmosphere of communion that soothes the senses.

Perspective of Garden of the River and the Tagus River
Garden of the River is located next to the Tagus

Also noteworthy in this area is the Naval Museum which, since 1991, occupies part of the premises of the extinct Portuguese Fishing Company (1920-1984). The program includes temporary and long-term exhibitions, where the history and heritage of the shipbuilding and repair companies that set up their shipyards and workshops in the county are disclosed, covering a historical period that encompasses the entire 20th century.

The two restaurants installed there are also highly visited places, both by locals and by tourists. In fact, the views that both offer and the environment in which they are inserted, are extremely inviting to enjoy the light of Lisbon and the spectacular view over the Tagus River and the entire Portuguese capital.

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