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Santa Apolónia Station

It was originally planned as a train and river station.

It is the oldest train station in Lisbon and was the departure and arrival point for national and international trains.

Santa Apolónia station seen at dusk

Santa Apolónia Station is one of the oldest train stations in Portugal, having been inaugurated in 1865 in a building where there used to be a convent. Originally planned as a railway and river station, it is an important connection point for travellers visiting the Portuguese capital.

The station platform is 117 meters long
The platform of Santa Apolónia Station

Its façade has a neoclassical style. The station nave is 117 meters long, over 24 meters wide and 13 meters high. The materials for its construction were, above all, brick masonry, limestone masonry, wrought iron, pine wood and glass. Infraestruturas de Portugal currently manages the station.

Statue to the emigrant
Monument to the emigrant in front of Santa Apolónia station

Santa Apolónia Station was a crossing point for millions of emigrants who, in the 60s and 70s, arrived and left for France or Germany in search of a better life. In 1981, in front of the train station, the monument to the emigrant was inaugurated, a bronze sculpture by Dorita Castel-Branco.

As a train station, it lost importance after the inauguration of Gare do Oriente, in 1998, but hundreds of thousands of people continue to pass through there every year. Since 2007 it has also been the final station for one of Lisbon’s metro lines, and is located very close to the Cruise Port terminal.

Aerial view of Santa Apolónia Station and its surroundings
Santa Apolónia Station and its surroundings

Since 2022, the five-star hotel The Editory Riverside Santa Apolónia occupies part of the station with a total of 126 rooms alluding to the theme of Portuguese railway heritage.

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