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We’ve introduced Speedboats to our fleet!

Come for a quick, comfortable and safe ride with us!

Lisbon Sight Sailing continues to innovate and raise its standards by introducing speedboats to its fleet.

We chose to introduce these new speedboats in order to complement our offer and provide our customers with a different kind of experience. The carefully selected speedboats, with a maximum capacity of 18 people, guarantee exceptional speed, safety and comfort.

We can say that our boat trips have reached new adrenaline levels!

Lisbon Sight Sailing is also excited to announce that the boats can be used for quick transfers and short tours. This makes it possible to embark groups of up to 200 participants at any marina in Lisbon, take a tour of the main points of interest and disembark the group at a different location.

Imagine, for example, starting this experience from Santo Amaro Dock, taking a stroll that includes passing in front of the main monuments in the Belém area and the old historical area of Alfama and disembarking for lunch at Commerce Square, Nations’ Park or Cascais! Unforgettable, don’t you think?

This experience lasts 50 minutes and gives customers the opportunity to explore specific points on the Tagus River quickly and efficiently, thus allowing even greater flexibility in their itineraries.

In addition, speedboats are an option for exclusive dolphin-watching trips, which usually take place more frequently between the months of April and September. This experience allows passengers to witness the beauty of these incredible animals up close in their natural habitat.

In conclusion…

Lisbon Sight Sailing reiterates its commitment to passenger safety, ensuring that all safety measures are strictly implemented.

Whether it’s dolphin watching, quick transfers or short trips, Lisbon Sight Sailing now offers an even wider range of options to satisfy the desires of its most demanding clients.

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Out of time? The speedboats are waiting for you!

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