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The moment to enjoy the sunset during this wonderful on-board experience
Tailor-made corporate events

Corporate events are becoming increasingly important in the business world.

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Santo Amaro Dock renews “Blue Flag” award

The Santo Amaro Dock, managed by the Port of Lisbon Administration (APL), renews, for the eighth…

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Nautical Signals

The C.I.S. consists of 26 alphabetical flags, 10 numeric, three substitute and a code or recognition…

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Sailing Company of the Year
Travel & Hospitality Award 2022 achievement: “Sailing Company of the Year in Lisbon”

It is a recognition of exceptional service, excellence and innovation in the travel and hospitality industry.

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Savoring the good times
Boat events in Lisbon

They are getting better and better. Many of them with the aim of strengthening ties in…

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Logo Chanel
Chanel on board

A party on board during a boat trip in Troia with lots of glamour, excitement and…

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Sailors’ knots

Cables is the nomenclature used in the nautical world for ropes used on board. Find out…

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Clean & Safe Logo of Portugal Tourism
We’re back 😊

After the period of confinement caused by the pandemic, we came back eager to resume what…

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The meeting point for a corporate event
River Tagus: the meeting point for a corporate event

Lisbon has been increasingly recognized as a city of excellence for hosting business events. It is…

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diagram of the nautical terms of a sailboat
Nautical terms

Find out here what are the main nautical terms used.

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