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Creative business events on board

After all, who doesn’t like a different and original experience?

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We’ve introduced Speedboats to our fleet!

Come for a quick, comfortable and safe ride with us!

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Regatta on the Tagus River, with around 12 sailboats
The organization of Regattas: a boost for Team-building

Regattas are challenging events that offer an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bonds between team members.

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Guests from Berg Lund & Company, during a walk on the Tagus River, with The Discoveries Monument and the 25 de Abril Bridge in the background.
Corporate events in 2023 with Lisbon Sight Sailing

Discover three events we organized this year! Next year it could be yours 😉

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Kickoff meeting on board
Kick-off meeting on board

Organizing an extraordinary and unusual kickoff meeting? We can help!

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Socializing between work colleagues during a boat trip. Corporate event.
Dining on a Boat in Lisbon: A Unique Experience

Exploring the vibrant city of Lisbon is a treat for the senses, with its rich history,…

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Web Summit Lisbon logo
Web Summit 2023 and an unforgettable boat experience

If you’re attending Web Summit 2023, why not take a break from the hustle and bustle…

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Sailing competition on the Tagus River, in Lisbon
Discover the thrill of regattas on the Tagus

The River Tagus provides one of the best settings for regattas. Its landscapes leave any sailor…

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View from the Arc de Triomphe Observatory
Lisbon, the capital of events

Worldwide, Lisbon is the 2nd preferred destination for congresses and conventions according to the ICCA (International…

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Savoring the good times
Boat events in Lisbon

They are getting better and better. Many of them with the aim of strengthening ties in…

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Logo Chanel
Chanel on board

A party on board during a boat trip in Troia with lots of glamour, excitement and…

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Clean & Safe Logo of Portugal Tourism
We’re back 😊

After the period of confinement caused by the pandemic, we came back eager to resume what…

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A successful alliance
A Successful Alliance

This time the successful alliance was with the Employment Law Alliance as part of their Annual…

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Spotify logo
A sailing tour powered by Spotify

There were well-tuned and rhythmic moments that we had the opportunity to provide, during the Team…

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People sitting on the bow of the catamaran with the Belém Tower in the background
A tailor made corporate recipe

And because Psychologists also deserve a break, we had the opportunity to take a group of…

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Couple having fun at the helm on the boat
Inspiring Team Building Events

Lisbon, and the Tagus River in particular, are increasingly sought after for this type of event.…

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The meeting point for a corporate event
River Tagus: the meeting point for a corporate event

Lisbon has been increasingly recognized as a city of excellence for hosting business events. It is…

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Team Building Regatta
Team Building Regatta. An out of class activity ;-)

Undoubtedly an excellent option. This time with a group of young finalists from a North American…

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Ambassador Robert Sherman, Ambassador Kim Sawyer during a sailboat tour
US ambassadors sail with Lisbon Sight Sailing

During this late afternoon tour it was possible to relax, unwind, socialize and discover Lisbon from…

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Three-Masted Classic Sailboat
Corporate Event | Aterno

It was in a festive and relaxed setting that this boat tour along the Tagus River…

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