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  • Corporate event in Lisbon

    A Successful Alliance

    Business event in Lisbon In the context of the Annual Global Membership Conference of Employment Law Alliance,  a group of 40 guests from different countries had the opportunity to participate on an classic sailboat, and enjoy the city of Lisbon during the unforgettable October sunset. During the tour a cocktail and buffet dinner were served [...]
  • S. Jorge Castle

    Today is celebrated 872 years of the conquest of S. Jorge Castle

    It was on October 25, 1147 that the Christian military contingent led by D. Afonso Henriques, after a siege of approximately four months, entered the city and raised the banner of Christendom. This iconic symbol of Lisbon can be visited daily, being a place where you can enjoy the heritage and know its history. S. […]

  • Logo Spotify. Boat event in Lisbon

    A sailing tour powered by Spotify

    A boat event in Lisbon, well paced This time we had the opportunity to provide the Spotify team with an unforgettable experience on the Tagus River. It was a boat event in Lisbon where guests from three continents gathered. The group of participants, workers at Spotify from countries such as the United States, Costa Rica, […]

  • Bachelorette parties in Lisbon

    The best bachelorette parties in Lisbon

    They are charming, discreet and unforgettable We are referring to the best bachelorette parties in Lisbon. These are just a few comments we hear or read about the parties we host. Others will say that they are personalized, unique and unforgettable parties. For sure, one of the best things to do in Lisbon during a […]

  • The best sailing boat tours in Lisbon

    Travel & Hospitality Award 2019 Achievement

    Hospitality Award 2019: The best Charter company in Lisbon This was the decision of the jury of this European competition. Based on a set of criteria, which included service quality, customer satisfaction, innovation and customer orientation, we were distinguished with this important hospitality award. We are honored by the recognition made by the Travel and […]

  • Pre-wedding event

    The “pre-wedding” event

    The “pre-wedding” event in Lisbon More and more foreigners choose our beautiful Country, and in particular, the city of Lisbon for their “travel wedding”. So, we recently had the opportunity to organize a “pre-wedding” event! And what is this? There will be some of you asking … it’s the perfect opportunity to gather all the […]

  • A tailor made nautical experience in Lisbon

    A tailor made corporate recipe

    A tailor made nautical experience A recipe that includes a tailor made nautical experience. This is a prescription with excellent results ;-). This activity took place during an international academic event promoted by the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon. This friendly group of psychologists was a mix of European and American researchers. […]

  • Team builiding event by Lisbon Sight Sailing

    Inspiring Team Building Events

    A successful formula for team spirit Team building event. A success formula, which we repeat with great pleasure, is an inspiration to those who come on board! On the 27th of July, we got to sail in the Tagus, in a comfortable classic sailboat, with friendly team willing to drive the boat. Engineers, managers and […]

  • Corporate events in Lisbon

    River Tagus: the meeting point for a corporate event

    Because being in person is essential to create long lasting bonds … We took a team from a communication company that works physically in the four corners of the world. It’s a decentralized organization but interconnected through technologies. That’s why all other encounters are done digitally and remotely. This means that, most people meet face […]